Strategic Communications Best Practices

Communications Insights & Expertise

StratComm360 is a think tank devoted to optimizing how organizations interact with the media, external stakeholders and their own internal audiences. Founded in collaboration with George Mason University, StratComm360 brings a comprehensive, 360-degree understanding to navigate diverse audiences and circumstances for more cogent and trustworthy communications .

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Focus Areas
Media Skills & Crisis Training

StratComm360 draws on expertise in national-level journalism; executive-level PR; and academic inquiry to deliver targeted, evidence-based insights that aligns media exposure with organizational goals and circumstances. Our background includes firsthand experience with 9/11, anthrax and other crises — along with training principles that have been adopted by the U.S. Government, World Health Organization and numerous universities and private companies.

Messaging Strategy & Workshops

We clarify best practices for organizational messaging based on real-world expertise and deeper research understandings into how people think, behave and respond to messages in crisis and non-crisis situations alike. The Communications Ecosystem is our evidence-based framework that any practitioner can leverage in vetting issues, concerns and engagement strategies.

Thought Leadership Support

StratComm360 supports best practices for omni-channel thought leadership and content. We provide insights backed by writing expertise that's earned national honors for journalism (AP, RTNDA, NAB) and for public affairs (CASE and Mercury Awards) — all within a highly coordinated approach to messaging and audiences across multiple channels.

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