A Strategic Partnership
StratComm360.org is a program led by strategic communications adviser Richard Sheehe in collaboration with members of George Mason University’s Department of Communication — where he serves as a Senior Research Fellow.  The StratComm360 team includes both faculty and students serving in advisory, training and program support roles.  Our shared mission is to leverage academic and research-driven insights for a more strategic approach to organizational communications.

Whether you’re managing media outreach, a company or agency reputation, advocacy, lEbp venn diagramegal issues or a full blown organizational crisis – having a well-rounded (i.e. 360-degree) understanding of your communications ecosystem will help “connect the dots” and find common dynamics across many situations, organizational goals and stakeholder concerns. This leads to more cogent and effective communication strategies and tactics.  The Communications Ecosystem is our evidence-based framework to understand the dynamics of any engagement format – everything from media interviews and public meetings, to real-time interactions with internal audiences, customers, lawmakers, regulators, peer groups and other key influencers.

New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett (c) joined GMU's Dr. Gary Kreps (r) and Richard Sheehe for a StratComm360 crisis & media training
New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett (c) joined GMU’s Dr. Gary Kreps (r) and Richard Sheehe at a City-sponsored StratComm360 training.

StratComm360 Program Director Richard Sheehe has been a Senior Research Fellow in George Mason University’s Department of Communication since 2014.  A former national broadcast news anchor for NBC and contributing writer for the New York Times, AP, NPR and other news outlets, he’s been in public relations since 1998 as a practitioner and educator, with previous affiliations with the State University of New York and George Washington University.  A consultant who advises private and public sector clients, Richard has also been a national crisis communications trainer for the CDC since 2003,  and he’s contributed to media relations and strategic communications projects at Tulane University, University of Washington, University of New Hampshire, University of Virginia, University of Maryland, Drexel University and other institutions. Richard earned his Masters in Sociology from Boston College.

Dr. Gary Kreps, Director of GMU's Center for Health and Risk Communication (l) and Richard Sheehe (c) co-trained a PIO360 session on Joint Information Command best practices for a major county in southern California. The 2-day training in began with a Q&A session with KPBS Correspondent Erik Andersen (r)
GMU’s Gary Kreps  (l) and Richard Sheehe (c) co-trained a StratComm360 session for a major county in southern California, with media perspective from NPR’s Erik Andersen (r).

Customized Training and Support: Proven in Practice and Backed by Research
StratComm360 experts have  conducted workshops around the country for numerous groups, including the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the National Transportation Safety Board and the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. teaches real-time skills backed up with organizational messaging support and a deep understanding of stakeholder dynamics and concerns.  Our credentials match or exceed any in the field. We leverage national broadcast news experience and proven PR expertise and academic research for solid strategic counsel and training.

Dedicated to better communications and the greater good, the StratComm360 team brings nationally-recognized expertise in strategic communications and crisis management, plus domain expertise in fields like public health and public safety, technology and tech policy; government, energy and other key sectors. All this helps ground communications efforts in solid context with organizational circumstances, strategy and goals.